Revolution TV Show To Film In Wilmington, North Carolina

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A couple weeks ago, brought you news about a new TV show from LOST co-creator J.J. Abrams. The new show is called Revolution, and it was picked up by NBC to air on Mondays this Fall. The science fiction show tells the story of a world where all electricity mysteriously stopped working fifteen years ago. In addition to J.J. Abrams serving as executive producer, Jon Favreau is the director on the new series. Yes, the same Jon Favreau who was the director on the original Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Favreau will also be reprising his role as Happy Hogan in Iron Man 3, which is currently filming in Wilmington, North Carolina. So how will Jon Favreau fit in all the travel time between working on Iron Man 3 and directing Revolution? Well, it looks like he won't have far to travel. It turns out that the Revolution TV show will also be filming in the Wilmington, North Carolina area. Wonder if Favreau's involvement with Iron Man 3 helped bring the TV series to Wilmington? According to the Wilmington Regional Film Commission, the Revolution TV show will start filming in the Wilmington area this summer, and the show will employ around 125 people full time and hundreds of extras part time.