Savage Dragon's 20th Anniversary Cover Revealed


When Savage Dragon #183 was solicited three months ago, series creator Erik Larsen chose to use old stock images from earlier in the series to create a composite cover that left fans wondering what the final version might actually be when the issue hits the stands on Wednesday. Well, wonder no more - the series's 20th anniversary issue (we're having a bunch of those in comics this week, aren't we?) was just revealed by Larsen himself, on his Facebook account--and it's a doozy. While the series has largely been passed down to Dragon's kids Malcolm and Angel, Larsen said that when thinking of what to do for the cover of this week's issue, in which Savage Dragon squares off against his longtime foe Overlord (who was responsible for briefly killing Dragon about three years ago, kicking off a long story where attempt to resurrect Dragon and others ended very badly for all involved), just begged for the "old man" to return to the cover. "It's his 20th anniversary issue," Larsen told us as part of our monthly commentary column that accompanies the release of new Savage Dragon issues. "I couldn't vey well just leave him off the cover. And that cover gave me more grief than anything in years. I must have drawn ten versions of it. What a struggle."