Secret Invasion Pits She-Hulk Against X-Factor in "He Loves You"

The three part "He Loves You" series begins in July as Secret Invasion pits X-Factor against She-Hulk! With She-Hulk #31 and X-Factor #33. X-Factor #33 features the return of legends both on and off the page: X-artist Larry Stroman returns, and Darwin and Longshot make their long-awaited returns! X-Factor will quickly find themselves involved in conflict with She-Hulk, who isn't afraid of confrontation! Then, in She-Hulk #31, questions surround She Hulk's Skrull partner Jazinda. Did Jazinda help her fellow Skrulls in the invasion ravaging Earth? Did she know more about the Skrulls plans then she is telling? Is she a major reason why the Skrull infiltration has been so successful? Don't miss a single issue of "He Loves You", starting with X-FACTOR #33–on sale 7/16/08. She-Hulk #31 is on sale 7/23/08, and the 3 part series concludes with X-FACTOR #34 in mid-August.