Stan Lee and Boom! Studios Announce New Partnership!

Did you happen to catch those "Stan's Back" ads that began creeping around the internet last week, going more and more viral as speculation behind its meaning grew? Speculate no more! In a big announcement, Lee's POW! Entertainment and indie comic book company Boom! Studios will merge powers for the release of three new superhero titles, all featuring top name talent. Editor-in-chief of Boom, Mark Waid, has been announced as one of the writers of one of these three new titles. Waid has been a presence in comics for a long time, and his titles Irredeemable and Incorruptible have become big hits for Boom, so the partnership is destined to produce similar results. As of this press release, no other names were given for the remaining two titles, as the mystery that surrounded the "Stan's Back" campaign seems to still be present! More details will hopefully follow soon, specifically about the nature of the projects. One of the biggest surprises could be the direction that the books take. Will they take a more serious and mature tone in line with some of Waid's current work, or will they hearken back to days of past with Lee's personal touch? Boom and Pow will have more news to come, so the speculation can rage on for now!