Stephen Amell Elaborates On Green Arrow Goatee Decision

Green Arrow's goatee, the crown jewel in the character's visual ensemble, just may make it onto Arrow…eventually.

After Arrow star Stephen Amell posted a self portrait on Facebook yesterday with what looked like Oliver Queen's famous shaggy goatee, questions were raised as to whether he'd finally sport the iconic facial hair on the upcoming fourth season. Amell quickly answered those questions with a sharp "No," saying that he will never wear a goatee on the CW show.

But, it now seems that Amell is clarifying that statement. Later that night, Amell posted on Twitter that if Arrow makes it to Season six, he'll show up to Arrow's set with goatee groomed just like the comic book Green Arrow. He added that the show's producers would just make him immediately shave it, but maybe Marc Guggenheim and company will have a change of heart by 2017.

Amell also revealed that he had once tried growing Green Arrow's goatee back during season two, but it made him look more like the criminals Green Arrow hunted than a swashbuckling superhero. But, if Arrow's costume designers got their hands on Amell's beard, we're sure they could fashion a beard that wouldn't fail his city.

And since he was already heading down the rabbit hole of fanboy catering, Amell mentioned that he inadvertently trolled Superman fans who "freaked out" when Henry Cavill's Superman costume didn't have red trunks. Which, we think Amell meant as, all live adaptations are going to take visual liberties from comic characters, so don't freak out.


But what are your thoughts on a Green Arrow goatee, readers? Do you want to see Amell grow one for season six? Let us know in the comments!

In the meantime, Arrow's fourth season premieres October 7 at 8 PM ET on The CW.