Taco Bell Bringing Back a Fan Favorite Menu Item

Thanksgiving may be over but there is still a lot to be thankful for, especially if you happen to be a fan of Taco Bell's Rolled Chicken Tacos.

The fast food chain has brought the fan-favorite item back for its seasonal menu. According to Chew Boom, the Rolled Chicken Tacos feature shredded marinated all white-meat chicken rolled up in a corn tortilla, then deep fried. The rolled tacos are served with your choice of guacamole, nacho cheese, spicy ranch, sour cream, or salsa dipping sauce. Two Rolled Chicken Tacos plus dip are selling for $1.99, a pack of four with two dips for $3.99, and if you need more than that there's also a Rolled Chicken Tacos Party pack featuring six of the rolled tacos, six crunchy tacos and three dips for $10.99 -- though as with all things, prices may vary by location. The Rolled Chicken Tacos will be available for a limited time through the month of December.

While the return of the Rolled Chicken Taco is exciting itself, Taco Bell has some other interesting new menu items for customers living in Minnesota and Southern California, too. The chain is offering the new Midnight Melt Taco to its Minneapolis customers, a taco that features "a freshly fried blue corn tortilla shell with a hidden layer of melted cheeses, and is then topped with seasoned beef, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes" (via Bustle). In Southern California, Taco Bell is offering something called the Triplelupa -- literally a three-in-one tear apart Chalupa. Both of these items will be available through December as well.

And, if tacos aren't your thing, Taco Bell isn't the only fast food chain offering new menu items in select locations this winter. Arby's is currently testing out their Original Beer Can Chicken Sandwich and its Tall Boy Sandwich -- both of which feature chicken marinated in Miller High Life beer -- at restaurants in Minneapolis, Augusta, and Tulsa.

What do you think about Taco Bell bringing back Rolled Chicken Tacos? How about the Triplelupa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.