The Big Bang Theory: Raj's Superior Spider-Man Endorsement Could Boost Sales, Dan Slott Responds

The Big Bang Theory Spider-Man

As reported on last night, Raj from The Big Bang Theory offered up a ringing endorsement of Marvel’s Superior Spider-Man. Raj said, “I’ve been quite enjoying that. It combines all the superhero fun of Spider-Man with all the body switching shenanigans of Freaky Friday. Both versions, original and Lohan.”

Raj’s comment caught the attention of Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, who expressed his joy via Twitter. Slott tweeted, “Raj likes SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN! :-O #BigBangTheory (Did THAT just happen?!! DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?!)”

And since The Big Bang Theory is one of highest rated shows on television, millions and millions of other people heard Raj’s endorsement as well. In fact, there’s already some evidence that the Superior Spider-Man could see a boost in sales thanks to the free publicity from The Big Bang Theory. Slott retweeted a tweet from a Big Bang Theory viewer noting that he needed to get the Superior Spider-Man trade paperback.

We wonder if Marvel will wind up using Raj’s quote as a review quote on a future Superior Spider-Man trade paperback. That would be kind of funny, since The Big Bang Theory is produced by Warner Bros, which owns DC Comics.