The Goon #34 Review

The Goon #34

After a pretty decent hiatus, Eric Powell returns with The Goon #34. The issue opens with Goon and Frankie coming across a group of baseball loving vampires. This in and of itself was offensive enough to warrant a classic Goon beatdown. A little girl who is more than meets the eye terrorizes some orphans. Their only option, a drunken Goon. The rest is history.

This book never disappoints. Powell has a knack for capturing everything I love about comics in every issue. His retro-inspired art always pops despite a muted color palette. The stories are entertaining and the comedic timing pairs up with the action at all the right moments. Powell's dialogue is always a bright spot. His use of different dialects brings back memories of creators past who liked to add flare to their characters.

All in all, this is a nice return to form for Powell and the Goon. The only thing this issue could have used was more Frankie. If you've never given The Goon a try, definitely pick up this issue as it's a stand-alone story. With a film right around the corner, there's never been a better time to get into this series. I highly suggest you read all past trades/ back issues as well.