The New Gods Return in Wonder Woman This Week


The final page of Wonder Woman #12, out today from DC Entertainment, is a hum-dinger. Giving way from the stories we've been reading so far, featuring Diana's interactions with the "old gods" of Olympus, the series appears poised to pick up after next month's "zero issue" prequel/intermission with a story that follows the New Gods, characters created by Jack Kirby (whose family is overseeing a new charity campaign in his name, announced Friday), most of whom haven't been seen since Grant Morrison's Final Crisis back in 2008. Previous reports had been that the characters wouldn't return until Morrison's upcoming crossover story Multiplicity was finished, but with no firm release date for that title and the use of Darkseid as the villain in the first Justice League arc of the New 52, it seems more likely that Wonder Woman's story will tie into the events of the forthcoming Trinity War storyline, if anything. Specifically, we see Orion--the son of Darkseid and former member of Morrison's JLA team--as he navigates a Boom Tube, the preferred method of transportation for the New Gods.