The Strain Episode 4: It's Not For Everyone

A new episode of The Strain, “It’s Not for Everyone,” airs tonight on FX.In “It’s Not [...]

A new episode of The Strain, "It's Not for Everyone," airs tonight on FX.

In "It's Not for Everyone," a secret autopsy demonstrates the bizarre progression of the mystery virus, prompting Jim to make a startling confession. Eph and Nora race to find the father of the youngest victim of the plane tragedy, but someone unexpected beats them to it. Ansel, in the grip of disease, takes desperate measures to protect his family.

"It's Not for Everyone" is written by Regina Corrado, and directed by Keith Gordon.

The Strain,"It's Not for Everyone," airs Sunday, Aug. 3, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT) on FX.