The Walking Dead Season Four: The Walls Come Tumbling Down in New Poster


AMC have released a new teaser poster for The Walking Dead, featuring series star Andrew Lincoln in the show's newest key art--standing at the collapsed gates of the prison his character Rick Grimes and the group of survivors he leads call home.

What does this mean for the new season? Well, nothing good for the survivors, as the walkers are deadlier--and arriving in larger, more ravenous numbers--than ever, according to showrunners.

It's funny, because prior to this, the cast have said that life at the prison will--at least at the beginning of the season--be a bit less awful.

"There have been some changes made to the prison and it’s a bit more civilized," series star Lauren Cohan told at San Diego Comic Con International this summer. "I tried to sneak out there and get some quiet time because you actually have this farm built by the prison; it’s gorgeous. It’s actually a very idyllic setting. So it’s an effort of taking little moments whenever you can. We shoot in the most beautiful, idyllic place and tell the darkest, most horrific stories."

The horror stories continue on October 13.