The Walking Dead Season 6 To Feature A Flashback Episode

Prior to Comic Con, we learned The Walking Dead was looking to thicken it's back story in a universe which already has plans of being enriched by a prequel-like companion series.

However, during Friday's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con, showrunner Scott Gimple revealed just how that backstory will be coming to light. "There will be a whole lot of flashbacks in the first half of this season," said Gimple. "I'm working on an entire episode that is a flashback."

An entire episode that is a flashback. What could that mean? The first thought is Rick's coma but that time span is going to be covered by the west coast companion Fear The Walking Dead starting August as mentioned earlier. Perhaps it is backstory of how Alexandria came to be. Maybe the audience will see how Alexander Davidson and Deanna Monroe founded the community but ultimately lead to Davidson being banished from the safety of the Safe-Zone's walls.

On the other hand, it could be a flashback outlining how our new villains came to be. The Wolves have been teased heavily on the series, especially in the back half of season five and at The Walking Dead's San Diego Comic Con booth but still, little is known about them aside from what learned in the season five finale and Greg Nicotero's description of them being, "Sadistic, twisted," people.


Wouldn't it be nice to see Shane Walsh again?

Hopefully the picture gets a little more clear when The Walking Dead returns on AMC on October 11, 2015.