The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln: Tonight's Episode is "Brutal and Uncompromising"

During a newly-released interview with Details, AMC's The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln promised fans massive change this season, saying that the last few episodes of Season Five are like a whole different show.

He also revealed, though, that tonight's episode will be one to remember.

“I think the first three episodes are pretty much a body blow—three is an astonishingly brutal and uncompromising episode. But then the story kind of spins off," Lincoln said. "But I would say that nine, ten, and eleven . . . and twelve . . . actually, the whole season is pretty intense. I’m trying to sort of temper it, but I can’t. It moves very quickly. Lots of new locations, a heck of a lot of new characters. But it is a season where maybe two-thirds has this momentum and this drive, and then the final third is like a completely new show.”

Of course, fans who have read the comics might have a lot of guesses as to just how this all could play out. It certainly sounds like they could be heading for the "Larger World" phase of the series. But tonight...?


Well, let's just say the final battle with The Hunters -- the group that Gareth and his Terminus friends represent in the show -- was uncompromising and brutal, too. And came moments after the scene that seemingly closed out last week's episode.

The Walking Dead begins now.