Tim Tebow Gets The Marvel Comics Treatment

Tim Tebow Marvel Comics Todd Nauck

With all the comparisons of Tim Tebow to a comic book superhero, you had to know this one was coming. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is being immortalized in artwork by Marvel comic book artists. He's not technically getting his own comic book yet, but ESPN has teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions to produce three pieces of art featuring Tim Tebow.


describes Tim Tebow as being "nothing short of a super hero for his team this season, with his clutch performances and last minute comebacks propelling the club on an historic hot streak headed into the NFL postseason." The artwork commemorates "Tebow Time" by depicting Tim Tebow in his Denver Broncos uniform in various poses. Marvel Comics artists Bong Dazo, Scott Koblish and Todd Nauck created the three different pieces of art. Marvel Comics has revealed a look at the inked versions of the art, but the full art will debut on ESPN's SportsCenter. The full art will also be shown on NFL studio programming throughout the weekend.

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Bill Rosemann of Marvel Custom Solutions is quoted as saying "Like the Marvel heroes who pull off last minute victories, Tim Tebow has fans around the world on the edge of their seats and believing that--in our own lives--when time is running out and all looks lost, we can dig deep inside and use our various strengths to triumph over insurmountable odds."