Top Five Controversial Superhero Costume Changes

What's more controversial than killing off a superhero? Answer: Changing a superhero's costume. When a publisher kills off a superhero, everyone knows that superhero is eventually coming back. However, when a costume change occurs, there is an overriding fear among fans that it's permanent (even though often it's not). We've compiled the top five most controversial superhero costume changes of all time. For this list, we didn't include supervillains, so no Harley Quinn. Power Girl Loses Boob Window – While Power Girl is not one of the better known characters from DC Comics, she has been a popular choice for cosplayers throughout the years for one particular reason. Instead of a logo on her chest, Power Girl had an open space on her costume, which has become popularly

Batman yellow oval

known as a boob window. When DC Comics took away that little window into Power Girl's assets, the outrage among comic book fans was enormous. Batman's Yellow Oval – The yellow oval that sometimes appears behind the bat symbol on Batman's chest is perhaps one of the longest running costume controversies in history. The original version of the Batman did not have a yellow oval on his costume, but the yellow oval was added in the sixties reportedly to make the logo easier to trademark. In recent years, the Batman yellow oval appears to come and go. While this might seem like a very minor costume change, the yellow oval

Wonder Woman mod look

is very controversial because many fans feel it looks out of place on the dark knight. In The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller actually established a purpose for the yellow oval, revealing it serves as a target to help draw fire to the most armored part of Batman's body. Wonder Woman's Mod Look – While the whole pants vs. no pants controversy was big, it pales in comparison to when Wonder Woman went through her mod look period in the sixties. The Wonder Woman's white pantsuit look is legendary when it comes to bad superhero costume changes. Black Costume Spider-Man – While the black

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costume Spider-Man did give us Venom, it took away Spider-Man's iconic blue and red look. What can you say about a costume that is just one big, black glob? Superman Loses Red Trunks – Sure the Electric Blue Superman was an awful look, but comic book fans knew that was a temporary change as part of a particular storyline. However, the loss of Superman's red trunks in the relaunched DC Universe appears to be permanent. While a minor costume change, Superman is that one character that can't be changed in even a minor way without a large outcry. The whole armor thing has generated some heat as well, but it's the red trunks that have gotten the most media attention.