Walt Disney Company to Invest Over $100 Million in Children's Hospitals

The Walt Disney Company is about to completely reinvent the way we see child healthcare, creating [...]

The Walt Disney Company is about to completely reinvent the way we see child healthcare, creating a more comforting and uplifting experience for every family involved.

On Wednesday morning, Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger announced a plan to invest more than $100 million in company resources to enhance children's hospitals around the globe. Over the next five years, Disney will begin pouring these resources into a total overhaul of several children's hospitals.

"Disney's timeless stories have touched hearts and lifted spirits for generations, and we believe they can bring comfort to children and families going through a very difficult time," said Mr. Iger. "Using the powerful combination of our beloved characters and legendary creativity, we're planning to transform the patient experience in children's hospitals around the world—creating a personalized and engaging atmosphere that will inspire young patients and ease the stress of a hospital stay."

The renowned "Imagineers" at Disney, responsible for designing the theme parks and family entertainment, will introduce various "Disney" elements into children's hospitals. Here are some of the concepts the company is looking to introduce:

  • A new RFID-based system allowing patients to customize their hospital visit by choosing their favorite Disney stories and characters, which will surround them during their stay. The system will also unlock special elements to further personalize and enhance the experience, such as "enchanted" artwork that comes alove.
  • Themed treatment and patient rooms featuring interactive murals of Disney stories, bed linens, and gowns featuring each child's favorite characters, and personalized in-room entertainment. Additionally, well stocked mobile "play carts" will include Disney-themed games and activities to give families something to do together to help alleviate stress and boredom.
  • Disney first-run movies and television shows, available both in-room and in themed pop up movie theaters in the hospital, along with other Disney entertainment options.
  • Disney customer-experience training for doctors, nurses, and staff. The renowned Disney Institute, a part of The Walt Disney Company that provides professional development training focused on leadership, employee engagement and high quality service, will create a customized program for healthcare professionals designed to foster a less stressful, patient and family-centric hospital experience.

The first hospital to work with Disney on this new project is Texas Children's Hospital, located in Houston, Texas. This location is the largest children's hospital in the United States, and its work with Disney will help add insight to the new experiences.

"We are honored to be the inaugural hospital to collaborate with Disney on this exciting patient-focused initiative," said Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children's Hospital. "Patient care is at the center of our mission, and in addition to providing the highest-quality medical care to children, we strive to make the hospital experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for every patient and their family. We are looking forward to working with Disney to enhance our efforts in this area."

The nw initiative is a part of Disney's "Team of Heroes" community outreach and philanthropy efforts.