Watch Danny Trejo Rush In To Rescue Child In Overturned Vehicle In Newly Released Security Video

Machete's Danny Trejo is always seen as a badass in his films, but recently he became a hero in the real world after rushing to the scene of an accident and helping a 5-year old child alongside another bystander Monica Jackson. The collision occurred when an SUV was T-boned by another car that went through their red light and crossed into the intersection, causing the SUV to flip over in the process. In the security video above you can see the accident happen and soon after a man in a white shirt rushes in, who turned out to be Trejo.

Soon after more people came upon the scene, and while Trejo went to help the woman in the driver's seat first, she told him to instead help her grandson in the back seat, who is a special needs child.

"There was a little boy, about 5, and he was screaming," Trejo told CBSLA. "I climbed in the car, and the worst thing you can smell is gas."

Trejo then got on the ground and went to detach the car seat so he could get the boy out, but he couldn't quite get it detached. That's when Monica Jackson came to help, and she was a lifesaver.

"I'm trying and I couldn't reach it and then this little girl from the other side is like "I got it I got it" and she pushed the button and I pulled the little boy out and I'm holding him and then she went to the grandma," Trejo said.

Trejo then set out to calm the young boy down with superheroes.

"I'm holding him like this and I started talking about 'wait a minute. We've got to use our superpowers', and so he goes 'superpowers!'" That seemed to do the trick, and after they got everyone out of the car the mother was very grateful for the help. "The mom was pretty shook up but she gave me a hug," Trejo said.


As for Trejo, when he was asked how it feels to have saved the boy, he said "I feel great, I feel great being able...I just feel great that the Lord put me right there in that spot to do what I did. That's all."

He also told ABC7 LA that the car seat is what changed things, saying "Pay attention. And the only thing that saved that little kid was his car seat, honest to God."