Watch Will Shatner & Steve Wozniak Debate Science Vs Science Fiction

William Shatner Woz

William Shatner has been referred to in many ways, but never let it be said that he isn't entertaining.

Steve Wozniak & William Shatner Debate Science... by comicbookdotcom

At a recent panel at Silicon Valley Comic Con, beloved tech pioneer Steve Wozniak was able to speak to Film and TV star William Shatner about multiple topics, including how Woz had his unlisted phone number back in the day.

That soon gave way to Shatner waxing philosophical about horses and the vibrations of the universe, which Woz eventually put a halt to.

"This whole idea, there's astral planes and vibrations and it all connects to everything, I don't quite go that far. I'm a little too feet on the ground engineering."

That didn't stop Shatner from going further, however, calling Woz an electrical conduit to the sky even though his feet are indeed on the ground, thus inciting a fun back and forth between the two about the differences between actual science and science fiction.


It's a fun dialogue and definitely worth watching.