Wild Pikachu Appeared In New York City


Upon traveling through the spirited streets of New York City, you'll find a cavalcade of yellow taxis, neon signs, sidewalks full of bustling citizens, and the occasional superhero even. What you don't expect to see is packs of wild Pokemon, but that is exactly what happened yesterday.

Nintendo was celebrating Pokemon day and unleashed swaths of adorable Pikachu's upon the city, including Nintendo's own store at Rockefeller Center. They paraded around town, struck some poses, took some pictures, and even set up a chorus line in Times Square. If you didn't happen to be in the area, you can see all of the photos here.

Pokemon had a lot to celebrate with its announcement of Pokemon Sun and Moon. These Pikachu's are typically only in Yokohama, Japan, so the New York City sighting is pretty rare. This type of marketing is Nintendo at its best, and whether you are a Pokemon fan or not, seeing theses adorable guys around the city is definitely something you'll remember


via Rocket News 24