EXCLUSIVE: Connor Hawke To Appear In DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

Connor Hawke will be making his way to DC's Legends Of Tomorrow. Following reports that the show is casting an African-American or biracial male who decides to put on the uniform of a missing hero who once stood for justice and hope, we decided to dig a big deeper on who the character might actually be. Our sources pointed to Connor Hawke and we have confirmed what we found with Warner Brothers.

Beyond confirmation, Warner Brothers offered no other details beyond his appearance on the show, but did say that this iteration of Hawke will not be the son of Oliver Queen and Sandra Hawke.

In the comics, Connor Hawke is the son of Oliver and his college girlfriend Sandra (half-Black and half-Korean). He is an expert martial artist and like his father, he too is a master archer. At one point when Oliver was believed to have died, Connor took up the mantle of the Green Arrow. In the New 52, Connor is known as the Red Arrow and is a member of The World Army.

Given the dynamics of the current Flash/Arrow universe and the premise of Legends Of Tomorrow, we're placing our bets that Connor is either an alternate version of Green Arrow, or one from the future.

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DC's Legends of Tomorrow is expected to debut this January on The CW.