A Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff Is In The Works

FX hasn’t completely turned off Son’s of Anarchy’s engine.According to a new report, the [...]

FX hasn't completely turned off Son's of Anarchy's engine.

According to a new report, the television network is currently developing a Sons of Anarchy spinoff series with series creator Kurt Sutter. The new series, Entertainment Weekly reports, would focus on the motorcycle group known as the Mayans. The Mayans frequently clashed with Sons of Anarchy's main SAMCRO crew during the original series, while also running several drug and prostitution operations. So, you know. Plenty of interesting fodder there.

Sutter, who also produced SoA, will reportedly executive produce the Mayans-focused spinoff, and is currently seeking a showrunner. The news follows Sutter's hints of a possible Sons of Anarchy prequel limited series, which he teased at San Diego Comic Con.

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