Burger King Rolls Out Cheetos-Branded Fried Macaroni Snack


Fast food chain Burger King is rolling out a new snack: fried macaroni and cheese.

But unlike the puffed balls of fried, battered mac and cheese seen in most restaurants who carry it, these are molded into the shape of -- and branded as -- Cheetos puffs.

...No, really.

Mac N’ Cheetos will run you $2.49 for a 5-pack, and it isn't just the name and the shape that scream "Cheetos." The mac-and-cheese sticks are sprinkled with the trademark orange dust that inevitably gets all over you whenever you eat Cheetos that aren't deep-fried.

Burger King president Alex Macedo told Bloomberg, “We’re working on a few other menu items [with Frito-Lay]. There’s room for us to do more together in the future.”

Nerdist, meanwhile, has a pretty great overview of the snack, which is basically exactly as cynical and mean-spirited as probably 80% of the people reading this, calling the side a "nightmare snack" and offering plenty of hilariously colorful metaphors, along with the eventual admission that "I’ll probably try the Mac N’ Cheetos sooner rather than later because I hate myself and my body is a dumpster fire."


The item, which comes with a side of Ranch dressing (because of course it does), is only available in select Burger Kings in Southern California for now, and a single YouTube fast food reviewer who has had it and reviewed it is being linked to by basically everybody writing about the mash-up.

For their part, BK has tweeted that the item is "coming" on June 27. No word on whether that's an expansion on the existing trial in Southern California or whether it's a full roll-out. Some fans are already expressing frustration that they miss the discontinued cheesy tots.