George R.R. Martin Responds To Trump Win With Game Of Thrones Reference

All across the country, celebrities have been lashing out at the results of Tuesday's presidential election. As you probably know, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by a slim margin.

The majority of celebrities have been passioniately outspoken about their disdain for the candidate. After Trump's comments against equal rights, religious freedom, and sexual assault, many of these stars vowed to leave the country if he were to be elected.

(Photo: HBO)

George R.R. Martin, writer of the ever-popular Game Of Thrones series, has been an avid supporter of Clinton throughout the election. Furthermore, he's been even more avid in his hate of Trump.

The morning after the election, the author found himself nearly speechless. Martin posted about his feelings in a blog, and kept things short and sweet.

The blog post was titled 'President P---ygrabber', and it became a warning for the bad things that he believes are coming for the country.

After beginning the post with an upside-down American flag, Martin wrote:

"There are really no words for how I feel this morning.

America has spoken. I really thought we were better than this. Guess not.

Trump was the least qualified candidate ever nominated by a major party for the presidency. Come January, he will become the worst president in American history, and a dangerously unstable player on the world stage.

And the decimated Democrats, a minority in both House and Senate, do not have the power to hinder him.

Over the next four years, our problems are going to get much, much worse.

Winter is coming. I told you so."

If you're a fan of Game Of Thrones, you know the last line was meant to be extremely ominous. The characters warn that "Winter is coming" throughout much of the series, and winter spells out trouble for the inhabitants of Westeros. With winter, comes evil, cold, and death.


Some are truly worried about Trump's presidency, Martin seems downright terrified.

You can check out Martin's full blog post here.