Is Jason Momoa Teasing Khal Drogo's Return On Game Of Thrones?


Remember Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), the fearless leader of the Dothraki in HBO's Game of Thrones? Of course you do...or at least I do (currently set as my desktop background). Well, ever since he died in season 1, leaving his Khaleesi (Daenerys) behind, fans have been waiting for his triumphant return. A lot of other characters came back from the dead, like Jon Snow, so why can't he?

He wasn't perfect, as he did trade the use of his horse-riding army in return for a wife - actually more of a slave. But as time went on Daenerys taught Kahl Drogo how to love and became his sun, moon, and stars. The couple managed to warm the hearts of viewers everywhere even if the rest of the show was ripping them out.

Turns out, Jason Momoa keeps posting photos of himself and the Game of Thrones squad in Ireland, where they are currently in pre-production. So, he either really misses being on the show or he might possibly be returning for some sort of flashback situation. Check out the photos on his Instagram account below:

Yes, he is wearing the cutest little beer-stache we've ever seen and hanging out with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. Not to burst your bubble, but Game of Thrones season 7 isn't set to start filming in Ireland until the Fall. So it's possible that Momoa is just having a really hard time letting go of Khal Drogo (and so are we).


Die-hard fans still have hope he may make a flashback appearance as Dany is currently heading to Westeros with her Dothraki army (on ships) and dragons in tow. And we all know by this point that anything can happen on Game of Thrones.