Man Dresses As Batman To Take On Creepy Clowns

The latest societal epidemic seems to be one of creepy vagabond clowns who seemingly get their jollies by walking around and terrifying people. Luckily for the county of Cumbria, they have their very own Dark Knight who's ready to defend them.

The BBC Cumbria Facebook page recently posted a few photos of their newest defender, who is part of the Cumbria Superheroes. Recent clown sightings had started to frighten the local children, and so the group enlisted Batman's help to keep the peace (via

The post includes a photo of the costumed vigalante running down a clown, as well as a picture of one child's letter which was sent to Cumbria's protector after seeing him on social media.

"Hi Batman my name is xxx.

'I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday).. I seen on my mammy fb that u caught the clown this means I can go to school and not be scared thank you for your efforts… my mam says you might be at whitehaven xmas light switch on… do u have a bat mobile… I hope your their so I can see you and your mobile. Love xxx"


Yeah, you're a puddle now aren't you? Can't blame you, and hopefully, the appearance of someone willing to do something will be enough to get rid of the issue. If not, knowing Batman he will no doubt have some anti-clown repellent to help keep the peace.