Oz The Great And Powerful Trailer: Five Best Scenes

Oz the Great and Powerful large poster

The Wizard of Oz is classic film, which is a part of many people's childhood. With that being said, a lot of  eyes will be on Disney's prequel Oz the Great and Powerful to make sure it's a worthy addition to the Oz franchise. Judging from the trailer, Oz the Great and Powerful looks to be visually stunning, taking viewers into a world somewhat reminiscent of Disney's successful Alice In Wonderland movie from nearly three years ago. Here are five of our favorite scenes from the brand new Oz the Great and Powerful trailer.

Oz the TornadoThe Tornado

– Doing the opening of the Oz the Great and Powerful trailer in black and white creates a great effect that is sure to please fans of the original Wizard of Oz. Of all the back and white scenes, the most haunting is that of the hot air balloon headed straight toward a tornado.

Oz the Emerald CityThe Emerald City

– When Oscar Diggs arrives in the Land of Oz, the scenery is very breathtaking with vibrant colors. Of course, when in Oz, everyone wants to see the Emerald City. The first glimpse of the Emerald City is from a distance, but it's visually pleasing.

China doll peopleChina Doll People

– A nice touch by Disney is that they are including the China doll people from China Country. The China doll people were actually part of the very first book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, so it's nice to see Disney throwing in a little something to stay true to the original book.

Oz the MunchkinsThe Munchkins

– Of course, everyone had to see this one coming when the tall men in long tall jackets strolled out in front of Oscar Diggs. Even though it was obvious, it was no less enjoyable to get the dramatic reveal of the Munchkins.

0commentsOz Flying MonkiesFlying Monkeys

– The Flying Monkeys in the original Wizard of Oz gave many a young child nightmares. Of course, it takes a lot more to scare kids these days, so the Flying Monkeys have been updated with a much more horrifying look. Oz wouldn't be Oz without Flying Monkeys.