New Ronda Rousey Photo Surfaces Of Her Hugging Fan After Loss To Amanda Nunes

We all lose fights, but this one stung for Ronda Rousey, bad. After she suffered a hard defeat against Amanda Nunes, the fighter was spotted with a fan, getting a much-needed hug.

Ronda Rousey's future could go in many directions at this point. But it will be hard to bounce back after a second crushing loss.

In a statement to ESPN, the former UFC Champion first wanted to thank her supporters and fans who have stayed with her through this trying time. "I want to say thank you to all of my fans who have been there for me in not only the greatest moments but in the most difficult ones. Words cannot convey how much your love and support means to me."

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Rousey was probably as surprised as everyone else that the fight was as one sided as it turned out to be. Her one goal during her time away from the octagon was to come back with a vengeance and retake her crown, but things didn't go the way she had hoped. "Returning to not just fighting, but winning, was my entire focus this past year. However, sometimes -- even when you prepare and give everything you have and want something so badly -- it doesn't work how you planned. I take pride in seeing how far the women's division has come in the UFC and commend all the other women who have been part of making this possible, including Amanda.

She's not sure what the next step will be, and she will need some time to think it over. "I need to take some time to reflect and think about the future. Thank you for believing in me and understanding."

Part of that decision will likely include whether or not there are other offers on the table. The WWE has been on the radar ever since her team up with The Rock at WrestleMania, and if that is still in the cards, it would be awfully tempting to go that route instead of another bout in UFC. It's still physically demanding of course, but not in the same way that UFC is.

If she does want to pursue another UFC fight, a change in personnel might be in order or at least a change in approach. Her focus on striking and boxing didn't help her in this match, and it might be time to reevaluate her skill set to best match it with today's roster of UFC competitors.

Either way, fans will be interested to see what she does next.

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