Terminator: Extermination Animated Trailer Teases Exciting Reboot Story

There are fan-films, and then there are fan-films good enough to actually land creative filmmakers a big break out opportunity. Successful directors of today like Fede Alaverez (Don't Breathe) and Tim Miller (Deadpool) made their mark with exciting self-made shorts that blew up big on the Internet; now we're hoping filmmakers Bruce Stirling and John Knox get such an opportunity to make their cinematic wishes into a reality.

Stirling and Knox have launched an ambitious animated pitch video called Extermination, which serves as a reboot of The Terminator franchise. Check out the trailer for below, and then we'll discuss the details.

Extermination is seemingly set after the future war with the machines is over. It seems as though the defeat of Skynet and its forces isn't the end of the conflict; smaller factions of machines still exist, and they have adapted frightening new tactics to survive (not sure how "eating" humans helps them, but it sounds cool...). Meanwhile, the humans haven't exactly bonded together in a new age of love and cooperation: the same dog-eat-dog mentality seems alive and well, keeping mankind fighting amongst themselves. There's also some interesting philosophical themes, like if human existence is a disease that breeds more destruction, and if the machines are actually a cure for that disease, not just a threat to our existence.

All in all, this looks like a damn exciting concept for a Terminator movie - certainly better than the new storyline that Terminator Genisys attempted to introduce. Fans were never against the concept for a film like Terminator Salvation; being chained so tightly to the John Connor mythos (plus some sloppy story turns) is where that film steered wrong. Giving the franchise a reboot with entirely new characters, set entirely in the future war landscape, would be a truly fresh start. And it sounds like Stirling and Knox have a richly complex way to explore it that world.

If you like what you see, spread this article around so that Terminator: Extermination gets the sort of hype that (eventually) propelled Deadpool to the blockbuster heights.


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