The Money In The Bank Main Event Announced At Monday Night Raw

(Photo: WWE)

On Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins gets the shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, a championship he never lost.

Having been sidelined since late last year, Rollins has been in the wait, ready for the time to strike and get back his title and once again be at the top of the wrestling world. It's no secret that these men have a history as former Tag Team Champions as members of The Shield, but with Rollins turning his back on his team mates and aligning himself with The Authority, becoming their golden prospect.

Seth's reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion was cut short while overseas and tore his ACL during a match. He won it at WrestleMania last year by cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase and actually pinned Reigns to win Brock Lesnar's championship.

So, readers, what do you think of this match? Do you think Roman will prevail once more or will Seth reclaim his throne?