The Rock & Furious Seven Co-Star Ronda Rousey Create A Wrestlemania Moment


Fresh off a red-eye from New York after hosting SNL, The Rock made an epic appearance during Wrestlemania to the surprise of his millions (and millions) of fans.

During a promo featuring Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, The Great One made his way down to the ring to save the audience from The Authority going on and on about themselves. Thats when things got interesting. During the verbal sparring, McMahon claimed that the McMahons owned the Rock, his family, and would be nothing without them. She then proceeded to kick the Rock out of the ring, not before slapping him.

And that is when business picked up. Shown earlier in the broadcast, fans knew that The Rock's Furious Seven co-star and UFC Champion, Ronda Rousey, was in the audience. After deafening "RONDA" chants, she hopped over the barricade and joined Johnson in the ring.

McMahon, obviously shaking in her heels, tried to brush the whole thing off by mentioning that her and Rousey were friends. But she then continued to say that the Squared Circle, was her, and this was not an Octagon. To which Rousey responded with "Any ring I enter, is mine." That led to the Rock making one more joke at Stephanie's expense before he and Rousey went after Triple H. With Triple H being tossed out of the ring, Rousey put the Principal Owner in a standing arm lock not before making her join her husband.

It was surely a Wrestlemania moment not to be forgotten, and a great promo for their upcoming movie.


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