The Walking Dead Finale Audio May Offer Clues To Who Died

Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale follow!For the next few months, fans are [...]

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Warning! Spoilers for The Walking Dead season six finale follow!

For the next few months, fans are going to be posting theories and claims and rumors speculating over what went down in the closing moments of The Walking Dead's sixth season.

The villainous Negan finally came out from behind the curtain and made the entrance we were all waiting for. However, while we knew his arrival would mark the end of the road for one of our survivors, we didn't know that we wouldn't know who it was. Just as Negan unleashed his unholy swing on the head of a certain Alexandrian survivor, the camera switched to their point of view, leaving us wondering who the victim was.

Comment sections are loaded with theories. It was Abraham. It was Eugene. It was Sasha. It was Glenn. It was Daryl. The truth is - no one knows.

One theory may have a bit of credibility, though. Scrolling through comment sections on other articles, I found readers tossing around the video below, which attempts to put subtitles to the horrifying screams as one of our survivors spends their last day on earth.

Whether or not these subtitles are accurate are your decision, for now.

The alleged "Mag-" line from Glenn is consistent with Glenn's death in the comics which came at this very moment. As Negan bashed Glenn's head in in front of his friends and family, Glenn called out for his pregnant wife, crying, "M- M- Maggie!"

The Walking Dead doesn't return until October so it's going to be a long six months of speculation. The season 7 trailer will most likely arrive in July, spawning from San Diego Comic Con.