The Walking Dead Recap With Spoilers: The Same Boat

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The alarm outside of the compound sounds. Carol takes down a walker and demands Maggie stay put. Behind Maggie, Carol sees a man with a gun approach. She shoots the man and Maggie aims her gun at the injured man. Woman surround them with guns drawn and demand their weapons be dropped.

Later, the woman look upon the compound with binoculars and try to help the injured man's arm. She radios to Rick to lower his gun. Rick orders she come out and show herself. The group counts Rick's and says there are eight. She tells Rick she has Carol and Maggie. Rick tells Daryl to pick the man up and he tells them he has one of theirs. He demands to hear that Carol and Maggie are okay and the woman allows it. The woman doesn't like Rick's two for one trade offer but the injured man insists getting Primo back is important to get himself stitched up. The group debates and calls Rick smug and don't decide on their deal just yet. They cover Maggie and Carol's heads with their shirts and tell Rick, "I'll get back to you."

Carol looks down at the ground as she is escorted through the woods. Later, in a car, their hands are taped together. The woman radios saying "Savior is down," and instructs the other end to travel to Alpha. They arrive at a at a safe house but members of the group don't like it. They uncover Maggie's head and there's a zombie right in front of it, which they put down. Maggie and Carol are put on the ground on opposite sides of the room. The woman, Paula, assures Carol there's no way out of this unless she says so, and drags the dead walker out of the woods. Gunshots ring out and Paula rushes to them. Maggie looks for a way out. She starts grinding the tape on a corner of the wall as Carol reaches for a cross which she hides in her pocket. The gunshots conclude and the two act like they're not doing anything.

Carol starts hyperventilating just before the group barges back into the room. They discuss how urgent the situation is and how Rick's group will kill them with the Saviors' guns. Maggie urges them to un-gag Carol. They do and they find the cross in her pocket. Carol acts as if she's praying. Paula asks Carol what she is so afraid of and why she is so scared of dying. Carol pleads with them not to hurt Maggie and the baby. They turn their attention to Maggie and criticize her choice of getting pregnant in a time like this. Maggie insists there is more to living than just living and she is choosing something. One woman starts smoking a cigarette and Carol insists she stop out of respect for the baby but the woman laughs at the request. Another in the group asks her to abide, though, so she does. Carol tells the woman cigarettes will kill her, to which she gets a reply that they already have, revealing a bloody rag from her coughs, and claiming they're in exactly the same boat.

The injured man starts yelling about his arm. Paula insists the scout crew will be there in 30 minutes and Maggie butts in, saying the man doesn't have thirty minutes. She encourages the woman to talk to Rick but she is ignored. The man turns his sights to Carol and blames her for his injury. He says, "If we're not gonna make the trade, we just do them both now." He wants to shoot Carol in the arm at least but Paula won't have it. His arm hurts and hits Paula, knocking her to the ground. Maggie trips him up but he gets control of the situation and turns to Carol, kicking her. Paula pistol whips the man and instructs her people to take Maggie outside for questioning. Carol lays on the ground, looking up at a zombie through a window on the door.

In another room, Maggie questioned about where she comes from. Maggie throws up and ignores the questions. The woman insists Maggie's group is not the good guys.

Paula gets patched up. Carol thanks them for helping her but Paula doesn't care to hear Carol's sob story. She notices Carol is still toying around with the cross in her hands and questions if she really believes in it. Carol says faith got her through the death of her daughter.

Back in the other room, the woman interrogating Maggie patches up a missing finger. It was a punishment for stealing gas from this place in an effort to find her boyfriend who turned out to be blown up. Maggie notices a "Frankie" tattoo on the woman's arm and the woman reveals it was her dad's name, not her boyfriend's. Maggie insists she isn't planning to die today and the woman wants to know where Maggie comes from.

Paula's radio gets a message from Rick. She is still very standoffish and claims her group doesn't want to take so much risk for so little reward. Carol pleads with them, saying it was their group that tried to kill Carol's. Carol says Negan sounds like a maniac. The smoker chick tells Carol, "We are all Negan." They stand over the unconscious man. Carol asks for a cigarette and the smoker gives her one. Paula calls Carol weak again. Paula tells Carol she was a secretary before the apocalypse. She fetched coffee for her boss and made him feel good while reading inspirational e-mails to make herself feel good. She reveals that when the end began, she killed her weak boss so he wouldn't drag her down with him. She claims it all made her stronger. Carol tells Paula, "You will die. That's what's gonna happen if you don't work this out." Paula is skeptical.

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Paula radios for Rick. She tells him they want to make the trade. She instructs him to a large field with a sign that says, "God is dead." They'll meet there in 10 minutes. She declares the lack of static means that the group is close by. Carol insists Rick is close by but Paula says that she doesn't trust him and radios for the rest of the team which is a few minutes away. The women leave, leaving Carol in the room to sharpen the cross on the floor and eventually free her hands.

Carol sneaks out of the room and finds smoker chick putting down some walkers and eventually Maggie. After cutting Maggie loose, Maggie tells Carol that they have to kill everyone on their way out. They take some resources from the injured, now dead, man's body.

The smoker chick roams the halls and walks into Carol's holding room where the now reanimated man bites her. Maggie barges in and maniacally kills her.Paula walks in to find the bodies just after Maggie and Carol leave.

Maggie and Carol head down a hallway and find a pack of walkers being used to keep people from going in or out. Paula opens fire. Carol points her gun at Paula and tells her to leave. Maggie wants Carol to shoot Paula but Carol is reluctant. A zombie gets free and grabs ahold of Carol and Carol fires a shot but Paula is gone after Maggie kills the walker. Around the corner, another woman fights with Maggie. She slices her stomach and Carol promptly shoots her in the head. They find Paula who is questioning what Carol was so afraid of. Carol says she was afraid of this and Paula smacks the gun from Carol's hand. They fight and Carol tosses the woman into the spike where she is impaled and eaten by the zombies. Carol responds to a radio from the scout group and tells them to meet her on the kill floor.

Carol and Maggie sit alone, talking about how many people they've killed. Carol lights a cigarette as the scout team arrives and drops in the room where they lock them, igniting a flame which kills each of them. On the way out, Carol sees her trail of destruction and Maggie puts down the walkers on the path, one of which was Paula. They open the door to find Glenn and the group. Daryl evaluates Carol and hugs her after she says she isn't good.


Rick offers their hostage a chance to talk. He does and claims that he is Negan. Rick quickly shoots him in the head as Carol grips her cross.

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