The Walking Dead's Scott Wilson (Hershel) Turns 71

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Scott Wilson, who plays Hershel Greene on The Walking Dead, was born on March 29, 1942. He is celebrating his 71st birthday today. His birthday weekend also happens to fall on the same weekend that AMC is airing The Walking Dead Season Three Finale. Even though spoilers have leaked early for most of The Walking Dead episodes this year, AMC seems to have been able to keep The Walking Dead Season Three Finale under wraps. While there is much in the way of speculation making the rounds on the Internet about The Walking Dead Season Three Finale, there are no confirmed spoilers or spoiler images like with previous episodes. It has been said in cast interviews that there are supposed to be 27 characters killed off during The Walking Dead Season Three finale, and while many of those characters will likely be from Woodbury, it's also likely that Rick's group at the prison will have a casualty or two. Since Hershel isn't exactly very mobile with one leg and he's sort of taken Dale's place as the moral conscience of the group, many are speculating that Hershel will die in the finale. Surely, AMC wouldn't kill off Hershel on his birthday weekend, would they? Happy Birthday, Scott Wilson, may you have a walker-safe weekend! The Walking Dead Season Three finale airs on Sunday, March 31st starting at 9 PM ET on AMC.