The Green Ranger Commands A Green Lantern Dragonzord In This Awesome Fan Art

A Green Ranger Green Lantern team-up really seems like a match made in heaven, but this fan art tops even that with a Green Lantern powered Dragonzord.

No sweeter words have ever been spoken, right? The slick fan art you see below comes from artist Rafael Oliveira, which gives the Green Ranger Tommy Oliver a Green Lantern redesign. The changes are subtle, as the all green costume has been tweaked to have black in the legs and arms.

The most obvious tweaks are the Green Lantern symbol in the center of his Dragon Shield and the glow of his new power ring. The best part though is what he's doing with the power ring, choosing to forgo the bubble shield or boxing glove of past Lanterns to construct a reimagined version of the Dragonzord.

The robotic elements are gone (which means no drill tail), but the core shape and design is intact. It may be different, but is no less cool, and you can't say that if you saw this thing in the flesh you would be any less impressed.

rangerverde2 by raffads-dbo8y5p
(Photo: Rafael Oliveira)

Kind of makes you want DC and BOOM! to team-up again doesn't it? We had the Justice League Power Rangers, so why not the Lantern Corps Rangers? You could have a Blue Ranger Hope Lantern Triceratops and a Yellow Ranger Fear Lanter Sabertooth Tiger Zord vs an army of Atrocitus Rage Putties! Can't be the only one to think that sounds amazing, so make it happen guys!

In any case, you can find more of Rafael's work on Deviant Art.

While it won't (likely) have the scenario I just described, you can see the Power Rangers team-up with the Justice League in the long-awaited Justice League/Power Rangers #6, which hits comic shops on September 27th.



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