Power Rangers Ninja Steel: Roll The Dice Halloween Special Clip Released

It's that time of year where your favorite Power Rangers change up their costumes for a special Halloween episode, and now you can get your first look.

This weekend's episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel is titled Grave Robber, a Halloween themed episode that pits the Rangers against Cosmo Royale's deadly board game. You can see the rather stylish game board in the newest clip titled Roll The Dice. The clip finds Cosmo going over the rules of the game with Brody (Red), Preston (Blue), Hayley (White), Calvin (Yellow), and Sarah (Pink), though Levi (Gold) is absent from the festivities.

The crew contemplates just leaving the board altogether, but Cosmo reveals that when the magical hourglass runs out of sand, they will be destroyed. It seems they will have to roll the dice, which will result in the group having to take on a previous monster they've fought earlier in the season. They defeated them before, but having to fight one after the other will take its toll on anyone, even a Power Ranger.

You can watch the new clip here. If you're interested in full spoilers for the episode, you can find those here.

Also coming up is the Christmas episode of Ninja Steel, which is titled "Journey Through Time". While Cosmo Royale takes center stage in Grave Robber, Journey Through Time will pit the Rangers against Cleocatra, who manages to steal the Rangers' Ninja Power Stars. You might think the Rangers would call upon another Ranger for help, but why do that when you can get help from the top gift giver himself, Santa Claus.

Power Rangers Ninja Steel is winding down, but the team will be back once again in next season's Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and the first trailer teases some epic battles, as well as some impressive new Zords.

In the meantime, though fans can catch Power Rangers Ninja Steel Saturdays at 9 am on Nickelodeon, and you can rate the current season on ComicBook.com's Power Rangers Ninja Steel hub, which can be found here.

Power Rangers: Ninja SteelSaturday at 9 am on Nickelodeon

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