Power Rangers: David Yost Explains Why Fans Still Love Billy

Even all these years later, fans have a special place in their hearts for Billy Cranston, and actor David Yost thinks he knows why.

Yost played the role of Billy throughout the first three seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and probably transformed the most out of all the Rangers. As he explained at New York Comic Con, a bit part of the show's appeal was that it had a Ranger for everyone.

"Ethnically we were very diverse and we showed we could be friends and get along and also be super heroes and so for any kid they could look on tv and see someone like them," Yost said.

For Yost, that meant appealing to kids who weren't as confident or classified as a geek or nerd. It means a lot to see someone going through the same trials you do, but Billy also showed how you could overcome them.

"I played a nerd and so nerds rule... and it gave a lot of hope to kids who were picked on and bullied," Yost said. "I hear so many people tell me that they saw Billy make friends so I could make friends. Or Billy was taking karate lessons, so I wanted karate lessons."

Relatable characters is one of the reasons Power Rangers is still around, and that isn't something Yost or any of the other actors who portray Rangers take lightly.

"We take our roles as Rangers very serious when we meet people. I hear people say they rode a train for 10-hours to see you and that touches my heart," Yost said.

Over the course of several seasons, Billy went from being thrown into trash cans and not being able to fight to a confident Ranger who didn't let the heat of the moment throw him into a panic.

Plus, let's face it, when you built a flying Volkswagen better and teleporting communicators, you're kind of awesome anyway. The guy was like the Macgyver of Power Rangers.

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