Austin St. John Reveals How Many Red Rangers Actually Came Before Him

While the Power Rangers original Red Ranger is Austin St. John, fans might be surprised to find out where he ranks on the full list of Red Rangers.

As you probably well know, the Power Rangers series is the American adaptation of the Japanese Super Sentai series, which had already existed for a while before Power Rangers became a thing. As a result, when you factor in Super Sentai, Austin St. John falls from #1 to...#26.

St. John recalled the events of his first meeting with Yuta Mochizuki and the crew of Super Sentai at Dallas Fan Days. St. John met them at Power Morphicon, saying "they definitely put on their whole persona when they are there. They’re an awesome crew."

While he met several of the cast, he specifically mentions Yuta. Yuta played the role of the Prince Geki the TyrannoRanger in the original Super Sentai series Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. The part was renamed to Jason Scott in the American version, which of course was played by St. John.

"So Yuta and I hit it off and we’re sharing stories and he’s got his translator," St. John said. "His English was absolutely better than my sucky Japanese. We’re all sitting down and we have the beer coming and everybody starts to loosen up a little bit and finally I looked over cuz, I mean I’ll say that I’m the first Red Ranger but usually I’ll say outside of Japan. He’s always the number 1. So I looked at him and said: “Hey Yuta, so what number Red Ranger am I really?” And the translator does his thing and he looks at me and his whole cast starts chuckling and I can see him thinking and I’m like uh oh."

Yuta took St. John by surprise with just how many have come before. "He looks up to me and he’s grinning this huge grin and he’s like “Number 26," St. John said.

You figure you'll drop a few spots, but #26 is pretty steep. "I was like that’s a long way away from #1, let me tell you. Nobody remembers #2 or #3 much less number #26," St. John said. "That was just kind of a funny story and we’ve hit it off ever since."

While he might be #26 on the all-time list, he will always be #1 in the hearts of stateside fans!