Funko Reveals Hero World Power Rangers Figures

Power Rangers fans now another addictive Funko series to start collecting, and it is already hitting stores.

The line is called Hero World, a line of smaller stylized figures aimed at kids. The line is exclusive to Target and is debuting with three sets to choose from. The first set features all five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, each holding their iconic weapon. The style is similar to the Disney Infinity figures, which more cartoonish proportions.

The next set is the White Ranger and Tigerzord, which features the White Ranger holding Saba. The Tigerzord is in the same scale as the White Ranger but looks fantastic in the packaging. The same goes for the Green Ranger and Dragonzord set, which features the Green Ranger holding the Dragon Dagger. Again, Dragonzord is the same scale as the Ranger, and hopefully, fans will get a Megazord to go with the other Rangers somewhere down the line.

The 5 Ranger pack retails for $25, while the 2 packs are $10 each. Fans are already starting to find them in Target stores as of today, so make sure to check your local store to pick them up.

The original tease from Target reads "And psst… we’ll also be rolling out “Hero World” by Funko in January—a cool new Target-exclusive collection that introduces kids to Funko fun. Stay tuned for more!"

You can get a look at the Power Rangers Hero World figures in the image above.

(Photo: Reddit)

The Hero World line doesn't just include Power Rangers though. Funko also released a DC Comics set and a Five Nights at Freddy's set, which will also be in Target stores. The DC line includes a Joker and Lex Luthor 2 pack as well as Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman figures, which you can preview above.

Hopefully future sets will also expand to other seasons, but for now, we can't wait to get our hands on these.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV SeriesSaturday at on FOX

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Series

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV SeriesSaturday at on FOX

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