'Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel' Episode 6 Recap - Attack Of The Galactic Ninjas

It's time for another episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel, and we've got your episode recap right here!

Spoilers incoming for Attack Of The Galactic Ninjas episode, so if you don't want it spoiled you've been warned.

The episode kicks off at the Lockers, where Calvin sees Preston holding some jewelry, but Preston won't say who it is for. Hayley comes around the corner and tells Preston they are going to be late. Hayley holds Preston's arm and calls him my sweetness, which confused Calvin.

On the ship, the audience meets Wolvermean, Speedwing, Rygore, and Venoma, who together are the galactic ninjas. They have their own version of the Power Stars, the Ninja Medallions, and are set to take the Rangers down.

Back to school, Hayley is going over her "my sweetness" line and tells Preston she's really nervous. Preston gives her some advice and reveals he is Romeo and she is Juliet for a play. Hayley can't wait for Calvin to be surprised at the show tonight, and then the actors start rehearsing. Preston starts his lines, but then Victor storms in (in full costume) and, well, let's just say his ability to overact is impressive.

After his display, the director tells him he should have auditioned 3 weeks ago, as the play is tonight. He then says Victor can be Preston's understudy. Victor and Monty seem to be quite happy about that idea and are planning on taking him out of commission until the end of the show to get Victor the part.

Things head back to the cafeteria. Hayley has a new necklace on (from the play), but she tells Calvin it is her mothers. Hayley and Preston go off again to rehearse. Things segue outside, where the other four rangers are eating together. Calvin tells them of his suspicions, and the other Rangers can't believe it until they see Hayley and Preston walking further into the park. Sarah takes Calvin to see them, where they are holding hands. They spy on them from the trees, and as they rehearse Hayley kisses Preston on the cheek. Before they can be confronted Wolvermean appears and attacks Hayley and Preston.

He uses his ability to take their memories and puts them in a bag. Brody attacks him, and the monster takes his memories too. Sarah, Levi, and Calvin morph, and Wolvermean calls four of his own Fox bots to fight them. Sarah and Calvin take on the Ninja Master, while Levi takes on the bots. Calvin is about to get his memories taken until Sarah jumps in front of him, taking hers instead, leaving Levi and Calvin as the only ones remaining with their memories intact.

Back at school, Monty shows his solution to Victor's understudy situation. Monty grabbed a box from another department and uses it as a makeshift wardrobe area. It has a spring-loaded door, so once Preston goes to grab his costume the door will shut and lock him in, sending him to his house once the courier arrives. Victor looks at a cable but it accidentally shuts the door, and when the courier picks it up the label to Preston's house falls off, revealing one that has a destination of South Africa.

Back at HQ, Levi attempts to teach the other memory-less Rangers how to fight. Then Calvin tells Mick about what he saw Hayley and Preston doing, and he can't believe Hayley is cheating on him. Mick then sees a hammer on a table and knocks it off to where it hits his foot. He screams that it will change his life forever, and Calvin tells him not to jump to conclusions. Mick points out the lesson in that, and Calvin seems to understand. To get to the bottom of things, they need to get their friend's memories back.

Levi isn't having any luck teaching them ninja movies, but that gives Calvin an idea. Things move to outside, where Calvin tells Levi they need the element of surprise. As they are sitting they are ambushed by Wolvermean. It isn't really them though, as they use the same scarecrow attack Wolvermean used on Calvin earlier. Calvin snatches the bag of memories and gives it to Mick, and each Ranger is back in action.

They all morph, and Wolvermean calls in the Fox-bots once again. Wolvermean talks to the camera, and the audience back on the ship is quite excited. The Rangers are doing well against the Fox-bots, and they finish them off with an Arrow and Star Blast. The Rangers then all attack Wolvermean at once, and he uses a Ninja Clone technique to throw them off. They find the real version though, and Calvin knocks him down.

Brody uses his Lion Fire mode and teams up with Calvin for a Lion Fire Whiplash Strike Final Attack. Wolvermean is down, but then he is gigantified. The Ninja Steel Ultrazord is called in, and unleashes their Final Attack, taking him down. His Ninja Medallion falls on the ground after his defeat, and Madame Odius picks it up. Wolvermean then transports back to the ship, vowing that the Galactic Ninjas will return.

After the battle Calvin asks to talk to Hayley and asks her what's going on, saying he saw a few things with Preston. Preston interrupts to say they have to go, and Hayley says she has a surprise.


The group shows up in the auditorium, and as the lights come on Hayley and Preston are on stage in costume, showing the Rangers that they are in the play as Romeo and Juliet. Calvin says "I'm such a fool", and the two continue their scene (with Mick crying and Levi trying to console him). They get a huge ovation from the crowd, and Calvin tells Hayley he is so proud of her. He apologizes for being jealous and says he should have trusted her. Preston and Calvin hug as well.

The director then asks if anyone's seen Victor, and things cut to the box opening in South Africa, as the two are confronted by a huge Lion, realizing where they are.