Here's How You Can Win An ECCC 2018 Exclusive Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Variant

If you didn't get the chance to pick up any of the Power Rangers Emerald City Comic Con exclusives, we're giving you a second chance to win one. has teamed up with Saban Brands and BOOM! Studios to give one lucky winner the Emerald City Comic Con exclusive variant to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24. The exclusive features a gorgeous cover by Adam Gorham, which puts Tommy the Green Ranger front and center, holding his trademark Dragon Dagger.

You can enter for your chance to win the comic below, and the contest will go through March 12. Just enter your email address below for your chance to win.

Plus, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 is the official prelude to the biggest Power Rangers event in years Shattered Grid, which features Rangers from all over the Morphin Grid attempting to stop a returning Lord Drakkon. While not every team in the franchise will be used, writer Kyle Higgins is including many of them and didn't have to cut anyone out.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

"No, everyone I want to use is in this," Higgins said. "The process really has, it's been about a year of me diving into past series, watching old episodes, watching recap videos, reading character bios. Something like this is both a celebration of the franchise and something that we want the fans to be excited about, but also it's not just throw every Power Ranger ever into a story. To me, that's not the story. There are certain Rangers from throughout the 25-year history of Power Rangers, that are going to kind of carry our narrative. Who those Rangers are, why they were chosen, and how they play into our arcs, is part of the fun, for me, of writing this event."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 is written by Kyle Higgins with art by Hendry Prasetya and a cover by Jamal Campbell. The official description is included below.


"Billy makes a devastating discovery within the heart of Promethea that threatens to break the Ranger's alliance with Grace, just as Finster's monsters activate en masse."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #24 is available in comic stores now.