Power Rangers In Space's Blue Ranger Is Coming To Legacy Wars

Power Rangers Legacy Wars fans are getting another In Space Ranger!

Andros will be getting some company when Blue In Space Ranger TJ Johnson is introduced later this year. He'll have his Astro Axe in tow and looks to be more of an up-close melee-focused fighter, though that doesn't mean he can't hit at range, and you can see him in action in the new video below.

His move set includes the Astro Axe Combo, which brings TJ in with a dash for an up-close attack. Stellar Smash is pretty much like its namesake suggests, with TJ jumping high into the air and bringing his Astro Axe down, creating a knockback effect.

Star Struck looks to be a Breaker attack, as TJ winds up for a hard-hitting cross hit that ends with several quick strikes. Rising Star Strike looks to be a Defensive move, which upon being activated has TJ responding with an Astro Axe hit that sends the opponent reeling.

Last but not least is the Rising Star Strike Star Struck Combo, which puts the two moves together for a very damaging hit.

You can view the fully updated roster below.

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