Jason David Frank's Final Film Legend Of The White Dragon To Get Fall Theatrical Release

Fans have been hoping for more news surrounding Jason David Frank's final project Legend of the White Dragon, a project that he was excited to share with the world before his tragic passing. Today Bat in the Sun Productions, Bascule Productions Ltd, and Falling Forward Films have announced that not only will Legend of the White Dragon be released in the Fall of this year, but it will also be receiving a theatrical release. While there isn't a locked-in release date, the press release states that the film will be in theaters "in conjunction with what would have been Jason David Frank's 50th birthday". That would have been in September, so odds are we can expect the film's debut somewhere in that vicinity. You can find the full poster below.

"When Jason David Frank tragically took his own life late last year, it became the filmmaker's mission to honor his legacy by completing the film the way Frank envisioned it. Frank was a beloved actor who still has a great emotional impact on fans around the world. He was a world-renowned and acclaimed martial artist, who brought the same passion to his performances on the screen. In this film, Jason David Frank plays Erik Reed, a complex character that really allowed him to showcase his incredible range as an actor," the press release reads.'

(Photo: Bat in the Sun)

"We are proud to have worked with such a talented actor, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share his final performance with the world," said filmmaker and co-star Aaron Schoenke. "Having been on this journey with Jason for 10 years, I know he would be beyond excited to know that Legend of the White Dragon will be opening in theaters."

"Despite the tremendous loss, the production team has worked tirelessly to complete the film and ensure that it meets the high standards that Jason set for himself," said producer Sean Schoenke. "The result is a powerful and moving tribute to his talent and dedication."

"We are honored to be helping to bring the last film of such a talented artist to worldwide audiences," said Scott Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Falling Forward Films. "We hope that fans of Jason David Frank will love to see the collaboration of so many celebrated actors together in Legend of the White Dragon."

When we previously spoke to Frank about the project, he was thrilled to play a more mature character and in many was a completely different type of character than Tommy Oliver, and he also felt many could relate better to the more mature story.

"The audience, I think, is going to really relate to Erik Reed because he's completely different opposite than Tommy Oliver," Frank said. "And I think if they can imagine what my... It has no relation at all, but I'm saying as far as my audience, it's a deeper, older, I wouldn't say version of Tommy Oliver at all. It's a completely different character. But what they're going to see is Jason David Frank in a more mature role, meaning that he's... I can finally express on television, that's not for kids, nothing that's PG-13."

"For example. I don't think our older characters could ever relate or express themselves as a regular teenager would nowadays. A lot of teens or kids deal with depression, especially during this quarantine stuff. No one really thinks about the depression aspect of it. So I feel that they can relate to more realistic life, meaning that we all have problems that we deal with. You're going to see that in Erik Reed," Frank said. "We all have regrets that we got to deal with. Believe it or not, everyone's life is a little complex, that maybe only you can understand."

Legend of the White Dragon stars Mark Dacascos (John Wick III), King Bach (Walking Dead, Greenland), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill 1 & 2, Sin City), David Ramsey (Arrow, The Flash), Aaron Schoenke, Jason Faunt, Rachel Brooke Smith, Ciara Hanna, Kevin Porter, Mayling Ng, Cerina Vincent and Jenna Rae Frank. You can find the official description below.

"After being a fugitive on the run for three years, the White Dragon (Jason David Frank) has returned to the city he fought to protect. He must now clear his name and save the family he keeps in secret before the mysterious Dragon Prime (Aaron Schoenke) unleashes his own revenge on the White Dragon."

We'll keep you updated on more information on Legend of the White Dragon as it becomes available.