Uniqlo Launches a Star Wars Shirt Collection Designed by Japanese Streetwear Artists


May the 4th aka Star Wars Day isn't happening until this weekend, but you can get warmed up for all of the product releases with UNIQLO's new Master of Graphics Star Wars UT Collection of t-shirts. The collection features iconic Star Wars imagery reimagined by world-renowned streetwear artists Jun Takahashi (founder of UNDERCOVER), Tetsu Nishiyama, and UT Creative Director NIGO (founder of BAPE and HUMAN MADE). Plus, all of the designs are super affordable.

You can shop the entire Master of Graphics Star Wars UT Collection right here with prices set at $9.90 for kids sizes and $14.90 for adults(shipping is free on orders of $75 or more). The image above highlights three of the designs, but there are several more to choose from. Below you'll find official descriptions and comments from all three artists regarding the inspiration for their designs.

Jun Takahashi: Jun’s UTs present beloved Star Wars droids R2-D2 and C-3PO with a delicate touch. His collection is a canvas for his unique sensitivities. Examples include a design that injects a hint of danger into the fantasy setting for the habitat of furry Ewok bipeds on the forest moon of Endor. Jun says that, “I fondly remember Star Wars as the first science fiction movie I saw in my childhood. The characters and prop designs are endlessly novel and fascinating. As a long-term fan, I was delighted and honored to take part in this project. I used a cartoon series I really loved as a design motif.”

NIGO: For one UT, NIGO whimsically chose a Rodian bounty hunter called Greedo, his favorite character from all Star Wars films. On the back of a UT with a Yoda quote there is a large depiction of that character that NIGO created. NIGO says that, “I adored Star Wars films so much that I grew up around them. They were all great, but episodes IV, V and VI stood out most. I loved the scene in which Greedo appeared, although this was where Han Solo blasted him. The exchange between the characters and the rhythm of Greedo’s speech were superb. I want people to enjoy quotes from Greedo and Yoda on the UTs.”


Tetsu Nishiyama: Tetsu’s collection is a paean to his devotion to Star Wars. One of Tetsu designs uses the Dewback as a motif. This rugged and ridable reptile appeared only rarely in movies, but he has loved this creature, retaining it from the 1990s. There is also a graphic featuring a Mandalorian recruitment poster and a psychedelic take on the notorious Boba Fett . Tetsu says that, “Star Wars and Lucasfilm had a tremendous impact on me. Even today, the figures and other merchandise in particular appeal to me as a fan and creator. So, when asked to take part in this project I was determined to put my heart and soul into it as a Star Wars fan.”

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