Andor: Adria Arjona Struggled to Keep Star Wars Role a Secret

The Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises are two of the biggest Hollywood has ever seen, amassing legions of fans due to the spectacles each outfit releases. Another part of the equation is the thick shrouds of secrecy involving the productions, leading fans to speculate in the months leading up to each project. In the case of Andor star Adria Arjona, it was particularly hard not telling those close to her she had been cast in one of the world's biggest film franchises.

"Well, I really had troubles with this because I was like, I'm gonna tell my mom, obviously and I'm gonna call my mom and tell her all about it," Arjona tells "But then I was like, then the whole island of Puerto Rico's gonna know. So I was like, I don't want that."

The only person that knew about her new job is her partner, who helped her read lines when needed.

"I think I really shared it with my partner, 'cause he was with me while I was filming. So I would sort of come home and he would help me read lines and stuff," Arjona adds. "He hasn't read any of the scripts, doesn't really know everything, but he knows a little bit of what sort of I go through. So I think I'm still keeping him... I think protecting a fan's experience or protecting anyone's experience when watching a show like this is so crucial and so important, but I also didn't wanna tell anybody. I try to forget myself."

In the series, Arjona plays a new character named Bix Caleen, presumably a member of the Rebel Alliance.

"I think I would describe her as incredibly bold and fearless. She is truly a, I don't know how you would call this, maybe like a mechanic. She's the manager of a sal yard and Farix is sort of a very industrial and a very competitive world. And I think you can sort of feel that in Bix," the actor says. "And I think the relationship she has with Cassian is really interesting to me and I think fans are really gonna like it and really gonna like Bix because of sort of what she goes through throughout this whole show. I almost said something, but I didn't."

You can watch our full interview with Arjona above.

Arjona stars in Andor alongside Deigo Luna, Stellan Skarsgard, and Genevieve O'Reilly. The first three episodes are being released simultaneously on Disney+ this Wednesday, September 21st.