Baby Yoda Threatens to Kill Baby Groot in Saturday Night Live Appearance

saturday night live baby yoda

Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm and now, he's officially made his Saturday Night Live debut. Played by Kyle Mooney, the beloved Star Wars character took to the live comedy show's "Weekend Update" sketch to talk about the latest happening in his life. Bordering on the edge of risque, Mooney's Baby Yoda dove into several different adult themes, such as who slept with who on the set of The Mandalorian. Then, the character took it all up a notch by throwing shade at Guardians of the Galaxy's Baby Groot, saying he'd snap the Marvel character like a twig.

The character's been a smash hit since being introduced in the closing moments of the series premiere of The Mandalorian. Disney wanted to keep the character such a secret, the company refused to begin developing toys until the show premiered. Bryce Dallas Howard — one of the directors involved with the show — admitted she had to walk on eggshells upwards of a year after directing her episode with the little green tyke.

"I’ve been walking around for the last year with a face like the cat that ate the canary," Howard said. "I’m so, so, so excited to be a part of this and the phenomenon that Baby has become. The thing I was most nervous about was that my kids had been on set quite a bit. So they had seen Baby and interacted with Baby. When we were filming, my kids were 6 and 11; they’re now 7 and 12. When the kids went back to school, every single day I would say, 'So, what are you not gonna talk about today?' And they would say, 'Baby!' (Laughs) I’d be like, 'That’s right!'"


She added, "I would just consistently remind them that there’s no circumstance that could ever arise where they’re allowed to talk about Baby. Now, for them, it’s very confusing, because I’m like, 'Oh, now, you can talk about Baby,' and they’re like, 'Oh, okay.' We’ve been having this routine for about a year now, and it’s fun; it’s really, really fun. Everyone is super pissed that there’s no merch. (Laughs) Everyone is like, 'I want a Baby Yoda stuffed toy!' But I think they made a good choice in not focusing there and just focusing on the storytelling."

New episodes of The Mandalorian hit Disney+ every Friday.