Disney Skywalker Legacy Limited Edition Lightsaber Set Launches for Star Wars Day


Disney's plans for Star Wars Day 2021 included the release of a gorgeous 3000-piece limited edition Skywalker Legacy lightsaber set that includes a Leia Organa hilt and the reforged Skywalker lightsaber from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge / The Rise of Skywalker packed inside a special display case. It launched for $375, and fans rushed to shopDisney to grab it.

At the time of writing, the shopDisney site was in waiting room status, so the lightsaber set and the other Star Wars gear that they launched for the Star Wars Day 2021 is probably selling out fast. If the lightsaber set does sell out, you can find them here on eBay if you're willing to pay the huge markup. From the official description:

"This set includes two highly detailed lightsaber hilts: the Reforged Skywalker Legacy hilt and Leia Organa's Legacy hilt. These elegant weapons of a more civilized age come direct from Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Each activates sound effects and illuminates in blue when you attach one of our Lightsaber Blades, sold separately. Hilts come in a decorative box, which plays ''The Force'' theme when opened."


Speaking of lightsaber replicas, Hasbro finally delivered a high-end, Black Series Force FX Elite Lightsaber based on the Darksaber featured in Star Wars: The Mandalorian back in December, and it was a huge hit. That's why it's sold out at pretty much every retailer at the moment. However, you can still pre-order one here at Entertainment Earth for the standard $249.99 with free shipping. You won't be charged until it ships, which should be at some point in August. They also have pre-orders up for the Black Series Electronic Mandalorian helmet, which arrives in June for $119.99.

The Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX Elite Darksaber is based on the weapon featured in the Disney+ Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, and it is touted as "the most realistic Force FX Lightsaber yet". Features include power-up, power-down, and motion sensor-controlled idle hum and battle clash effects inspired by The Mandalorian series. It also features progressive ignition, a molten tip effect, light-up hilt, and the first-ever white LED blade edge in the Force FX Elite Lightsaber series.


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