Disney Fan Creates Hilarious Star Wars/Mickey Mouse TikTok Mashup

Ewan McGregor might be back as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but one Disney fan thinks there could be another [...]

Ewan McGregor might be back as Obi-Wan Kenobi, but one Disney fan thinks there could be another famous figure perfect for the role. In a video on Tik Tok, mickey_donald_official posted a video of the epic confrontation between Obi-Wan and Anakin from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. The entire thing is dubbed over with Mickey Mouse as the older Jedi and Donald Duck as Skywalker. Hearing Mickey belt out, "I have the higher ground," is worth seeing all by itself. Voice acting is really the entire draw here as the sort of tragic moment takes on some hilarity because of how silly it is to hear two voices clearly belonging to a cartoon mouse and a duck bickering about the force and balance. (Check out the video below.) Sometimes the Internet can be good. Fortunately for Star Wars fans, Ewan McGregor is happy to be back in the Jedi Order for the Obi-Wan series on Disney+.

"We start shooting at the very beginning of next year, they're in pre-production from this summer, there are scripts that I've read that are really good, they're continuing to write on them to make them even better, and we start very early next year," McGregor told Good Morning America. "And I'm excited about it. I think the last one I shot was in 2003, so it's been a while. It'll just be there, I think. Also, I'm reminding myself by watching their new films and The Mandalorian and stuff, I really enjoyed. I keep myself as current as I can with the Lucasfilm world. I don't think it will take two minutes; I'll put the cloak back on and I'll be there, I think."

When news of the Obi-Wan series delays for Disney+, the actor spoke to Comicbook.com's Brandon Davis about the news. It seems like the series star isn't too concerned about those problems, and is, in fact, looking forward to getting started filming later this year.

"It just slipped to next year, that's all," McGregor elaborated. "The scripts are really good. I think that, so now that Episode IX came out and everyone at Lucasfilm's got more time to look to spend on the writing, they felt like they wanted more time to write the episodes. I read about 80-90% of what they've written so far and it's really, really good. And instead of shooting this August, they just want to start shooting in January, that's all. It's nothing more dramatic than that. It often happens in projects, they just wanted to push it to next year."