Mark Hamill Shares Dancing Stormtroopers From Star Wars: Episode 8 Wrap Party

Have you even seen Stormtroopers whip and nae-nae? Better yet, how about twerk? Well, if not, then [...]

Have you even seen Stormtroopers whip and nae-nae? Better yet, how about twerk? Well, if not, then you might want to sit yourself down and let Mark Hamill educate you on how Stormtroopers get funky. The legendary actor just recently uploaded a video of the dance crew, Boogie Storm, performing at the Star Wars: Episode VIII's wrap party. And, man, the First Order can get down.

The video begins simply enough with a group of five Stormtroopers all provocatively shimmying their hips to Fleur East's 'Sax.' But, then, things get crazy once the dancers start doing full-on flips and body rolls to some of the decade's most addictive pop songs. And, yes, the dancers are all breaking down in some on-point Stormtrooper uniforms.

Boogie Storm, which made viral waves after their popular appearance on Britain's Got Talent, then smoothly transitioned into their second song, 'Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)'. Created by Silentó, the troopers all get into formation and whip hard while Hamill can be heard laughing in the background with others. Of course, the dance crew then moves into the global hit 'Gangnam Style' by South Korea's Psy. And, finally, Boogie Storm rounds out their hilariously impressive number by dancing to the Queen B's 'Single Ladies'.

Honestly, the amount of sass these dancers put into their moves would impress even Darth Vader himself.

The video's end cuts off abruptly just as the dancers start their a routine to Michael Jackson's 'Smooth Criminal', but fans can watch the crew's entire performance on Youtube through BGT's official channel. Their audition video has garnered over 32.5 million views, and though Boogie Storm came in third place on the program, they managed to win over Simon Cowell's notoriously hard heart. The judge signed the crew onto his entertainment agency and is helping them plan a world tour. Maybe, if fans are lucky, they'll see Boogie Storm cameo at the end of Star Wars: Episode VIII - perhaps in a after-credit scene? Surely, Kylo Ren would join in on the fun.

Star Wars: Episode VIII wrapped filming earlier this week as the project shot across the UK in Ireland and England. Hamill himself confirmed the film had completed shooting on Twitter back on July 10th.