SNL Releases Adam Driver's Full Star Wars Undercover Boss Parody Online

Star Wars star Adam Driver returned to Saturday Night Live last night. The comedy sketch series used the opportunity to revisit a popular sketch from a past Driver-hosted episode, Kylo Ren in Undercover Boss. The previous sketch had Kylo Ren going undercover as a low-level employee to see how things really are in the First Order. In this Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now? follow-up, Kylo Ren goes back undercover again, this time as First Order intern Randy to see how things in the First Order has changed since that last visit. It turns out, not all that much.

As Randy, Kylo Ren is forced to fetch drinks and menial tasks. His colleagues quickly figure out hat he's Kylo Ren when he starts destroying printers and murdering admirals with his Force powers. At one point, Kylo tries to do something nice by inviting one of the other interns to become a TIE fighter pilot. But when the intern says she wants to fly like Luke Skywalker, things get ugly. You can watch the full video below.

There's a fan campaign to bring Driver's Kylo Ren back. The campaign sees a lot of support from Reylo shippers, those who want to see Kylo Ren happily attached to Rey. In an interview leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Driver expressed his feelings about Reylo shippers.

"I don't internalize it because I don't know that it has much to do with me. If anything, I think it has to do with the strength of the movie and what makes these movies universal and stretch across time," Driver said. "Yes, obviously there's a huge visual element that's going on that's very satisfying, it's beautiful to look at, but no one will care if you don't care about these human themes that are what propel the movie forward. This thing of Luke being a kid from a small town who feels like he's destined for something great, about friendship and discovering your place among your friends, family that you've acquired and family that you're tied to, things that you identify about them with and things you run away from. All these themes are the thing that make the spectacle of it more exciting and interesting."


What did you think of Adam Driver's return to Saturday Night Live? Let us know in the comments. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is now playing in theaters.