The Mandalorian Reveals A Major Change to Jango Fett's Origin and Boba Fett's Star Wars Legacy

The Mandalorian is continuing to do some major retcon cleanup of Star Wars continuity - this time it's the Stars Wars Prequel Trilogy, and the story of Jango Fett and his son, Boba. Star Wars: Attack of the Clones introduced the character of Jango Fett - the galaxy's most notorious bounty hunter, whose DNA was used to create The Republic's Clone Army. However, while Jango Fett wore the Beskar steel armor of a Mandalorian, Star Wars: The Clone Wars made it clear (in no uncertain terms), that Jango Fett was no true Mandalorian. Well, now The Mandalorian Chapter 14 has come along to offer a much different origin story for Jango, that also changes the legacy of his "son," Boba Fett!

Warning: The Mandalorian Season 2 SPOILERS Follow!

In "The Tragedy", Mando takes Baby Yoda (Grogu) to Planet Tython, to visit the Jedi Temple Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) pointed them towards. There, Din Djarin hopes to help Grogu make contact with a Jedi that can take and train the young Force-sensitive creature. Instead, Mando finds himself at the center of not one but ambushes, first by Boba Fett, followed by Moff Gideon.

However, Din Djarin and Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) don't end up having the big duel a lot of Star Wars fans figured they would: Boba Fett comes making a formal request for the return of his armor, which Din took from Cobb Vance (Timothy Olyphant) in the season premiere. That's where things get interesting.

When approaching Din Djarin about the issue of his armor, Boba Fett reveals a bit of Jango Fett's that is a major retcon for the franchise lore. According to Boba, Jango was actually a Mandalorian Foundling, like Din Djari. Jango fought in the Mandalorian Civil Wars where he earned his armor, before seeking out his own fortunes as a bounty hunter. In approaching Mando, Boba is simply laying claim to what he sees as his inheritance, and Din feels honor-bound by The Mandalorian creed to give Boba what is his.

This further confirms that Boba Fett's iconic armor is Jango's with a paint job. It's also a profound insight into Jango Fett's story in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. We now have a story where Jango created Boba as a natural clone not out of vanity; as a foundling, Jango arguably made Boba out of a need to continue his clan's existence, as the last of his kind.

Star Wars Jango Boba Fett Origin Retcon Mandalorian Season 2 Spoilers

The thing here that's confusing a lot of Star Wars fans is the fact that Star War: The Clone Wars had a story arc set on Mandalore, where Obi-Wan Kenobi was told in clear terms that Jango Fett was not a Mandalorian. Prime Minister Almec claimed Jango was a bounty hunter who stole the armor and disavowed any connection between Mandalore and Jango Fett. Now The Mandalorian has paved over that road with a new story, which makes Jango part of the Mandalorian creed and culture - and therefore makes Boba an honorary Mandalorian, as well.

Again, that's a big change for Star Wars lore; the old Extended Universe had famous stories dealing with the fact that Boba Fett was a pretender wearing stolen Mandalorian armor (see: "Twin Engines of Destruction"). In fact, it's been a major part of Fett family swag and reputation to be strutting around in armor from conquered foe.


There are still many holes in this new Jango/Boba Fett continuity that need filling in. But perhaps that duty is being left to the long-rumored Boba Fett series. Because after The Mandalorian, the story of how Boba Fett survived Return of the Jedi is more intriguing than ever.

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